About the founder and director of Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) institute

Ayatollah Seyyed Hadi Rafi’ipour Alavi was born in 1948 in Isfahan. After his childhood and after his elementary educations, he entered a Hawzah school in Isfahan in 1961 as a thirteen-year-old boy, then after three years, namely in 1964, he started seminary educations at Haqqani Hawzah School in Qom.

He passed introductory and intermediate (Levels) courses learning from great teachers and mujtahids such as Beheshti, Qoddousi, Shaikhzadeh, Jannati, Khaz’ali, Haram Panahi, Saanei, Meshkini, Ahmadi Miyaneji, and …. He acquired Qur’anic sciences, philosophy, logic, and mysticism from ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Motahhari, Ansari Shirazi, Javadi Amoli, Hasanzadeh Amoli, and …. As for advanced (beyond Levels) courses of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), principles, and narrators investigation (rijal), he received them from grand ayatollah Kazem Tabrizi, grand ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Reza Golpayegani, grand ayatollah Hashem Amoli, grand ayatollah Seyyed Ali Allameh Fani, grand ayatollah Javad Tabrizi, grand ayatollah Mohammad Fazel Lankarani, grand ayatollah Seyyed Musa Shobairi Zanjani, grand ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, grand ayatollah Wahid Khorasani, and … and he became a mujtahid.

By the grace of Ahlulbait (peace be upon them all), he, in conjunction with studying, has taught Arabic language rules, logic, philosophy, Islamic jurisprudence, principles, and Qur’anic sciences for a long time in Hawzah schools (Feiziyyeh school, Shahidain school, Jame’atuz Zahra (peace be upon her) schools, etc.) of Qom. Among his records and work experiences, the following can be referred to:

  • Establishing the Islamic revolution committee shortly after the success of Islamic revolution-Bandar Abbas.
  • Establishing and managing the transportation organization of ports, shortly after the revolution, 1979-1980- Bandar Abbas.
  • Representative of ayatollah Khomeini in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Bandar Abbas.
  • Head of the central commission of watching ayatollah Khomeini’s command for no disunion or separatism in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of the country.
  • Jame’atuz Zahra (peace be upon her)’s vice-chancellor in academic affairs.
  • Founder, director, and head of the research section of Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) institute.

He has written, examined, and edited some books on Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), narrations (hadiths), supplications, pilgrimage texts, Mahdawiyyat, Islamic teachings, etc. as well as publishing them in collaboration with researchers of this institute. Those works have been approved and appreciated by marja’s, researchers, scholars and teachers of universities and Hawzah schools and have been awarded in various book festivals such as Iran’s book of the year, Hawzah book of the year, Razavi book of the year, Welayat book of the year, Mahdawiyyat book of the year and so on. In the week of research and technology in 2011, he was selected as the best researcher in the province of Qom. Ayatollah Rfi’ipour believes that every scholar should research meticulously in order to solve the scientific and research shortages and make the pure productive teachings of Islam known to the society as much as they can.