The Du’a al-Nudbah: Its Authority on the Basis of the Quran and Hadith

Throughout the book, all the phrases of this du’a (supplication), e.g., the merits of Imam Ali, are supported by Quranic and hadith-based references. To develop this book, in fact an explication of the Du’a al-Nudbah, over 350 authoritative books of leading Sunnite and Shiite ulema have been used. The result is that whoever might wish to raise any doubt concerning the document of any reasoning, they understand that the very text of the du’a is entirely in perfect correspondence with Islamic hadiths. The book has a comprehensive introduction. Since the book is designed to be used by experts and researchers, there are several helpful indexes at the end. In a word, this book has seldom had any predecessor on a par with it, with the text thoroughly edited and checked.